Day of the Black Sun, Part 2. Season one Book One: Archived from the original on June 29, Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved December 12, The episode was released with audio commentary from the creators, which unlike commentary on other episodes in the season is not possible to disable on the DVD set. But Katara successfully leads a rebellion with Aang and Sokka’s help by giving the earthbenders all of the coal on the fortress. May 30, [27].

Retrieved September 6, Archived from the original on He successfully solves their minor disputes, but Aang tries to put his skills to practical use, when two Earth Kingdom tribes, who have been in a feud for years, need to cross the canyon together. Nick and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Aang is eager to return to his home, the Southern Air Temple, despite Katara’s warnings that things may have changed in the years since he was last there. Sokka has suspicions about Jet, however, which leads the young rebel to tempt Sokka with missions. Each episode of Season One attracted more than a million viewers on its first airing.

The “Blue Spirit” is knocked unconscious during the escape, and Aang discovers that he is Prince Zuko.

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Archived from the original on September 19, With the help of Katara and Sokka, Aang escapes from Zuko. Not only is Aang an Airbender–a race of people no one has seen in a century–but they soon discover that Aang is also the long lost Avatar. Sozin’s Comet, Part 1. Retrieved September 6, Retrieved December 8, Aang sends Appa across wahch most needy people of the two tribes, and, with the help of a knowledgeable earthbender, guides the rest across the vast, dry landscape.

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May 30, [27]. Aang offers him friendship, but departs when he is violently rebuffed. In addition, the season has won many awards throughout its runtime.

Katara proves herself worthy, both by demonstration of technique and by invoking the memory of Pakku’s beloved ex-fiancee—Katara’s own watch avatar the last airbender season 3 episode 3 online, who could not stand to live under the Northern Water Tribe’s misogyny—and Pakku relents. Zhao is pulled underwater by the Ocean Spirit in retaliation for slaying the Moon Spirit, refusing to accept Zuko’s help when he attempts to save him; Zhao is never seen again.

Avatar Roku informs Aang about “Sozin’s Comet,” which will return in just under a year and give the Fire Nation the power to finish the war.

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In other projects Wikiquote. It’s here that a young Waterbender named Katara and her warrior brother Sokka rescue a strange boy named Aang from a cavernous iceberg. Interviewed by Aaron H.

Night Shyamalan and released seasom The Last Airbender, Season 1: In the end, Aang is able to end the feud, and the watch avatar the last airbender season 3 episode 3 online tribes travel together to the capital city of Ba Sing Se.

Aang, who has become smitten with Katara, attempts to attract her attention throughout the episode, with limited success; eventually he attempts to fetch a rare flower from the lip of a nearby volcano, which is revealed to be on the verge of erupting — a direct contradiction to Aunt Wu’s predictions.

Retrieved April 26, July 5, [30]. Upon arriving, the gang is welcomed warmly by the citizens of the Northern Water Tribe, and the chief of the tribe throws a huge party in celebration. While they reminisce about the old days, Aang feels left out; when a messenger arrives with a message from Hakoda, with instructions to find him, Aang intercepts it and keeps it to himself, fearing they wpisode abandon him.

Zuko tries to hide the fact that he has seen the Avatar, but Zhao finds out and takes on the task of capturing him, deeming Zuko a failure. Meanwhile, Iroh gets captured by Epiisode Kingdom soldiers while bathing in a hot spring.

Michael Dante DiMartino February 25, Zuko refuses to accept this, as capturing the Avatar is the only way he can return from his banishment from the Fire Nation.

Archived from the original on August 28, Aang returns to the village to defend it, where he reveals that he is, 33 fact, the Avatar. June 4, [22].

Retrieved October 28, The Boiling Rock, Part 1. The Last Airbender Episodes. Archived from the original on December 16, The season revolves around the protagonist Aang and his friends Katara and Sokka going on a journey to the North Pole to find a Waterbending master to teach Aang and Katara.

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Zuko eventually catches up with the soldiers to help free him, forgoing his chase for the Avatar for the time. A storyteller tells the gang of a group of people who travel in the air.

Zuko struggles to find shelter in the freezing temperatures of the North Pole, while Sokka, Katara and Yue search for him and Aang. He watch avatar the last airbender season 3 episode 3 online that Yue was touched by the moon spirit as a baby, thus explaining her unique white hair, and Yue gives her life to save the Moon Spirit.

The Last Airbender because it attracted the attention of “an audience beyond the children’s market with crisp animation and aibrender storytelling.

Only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world. As the Fire Nation’s forces close in on the Northern Water Tribe, the leaders and citizens scramble to find a way airbenxer defend against the armada.

The Boiling Rock, Part 2.

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